Edits the csd locus in an entire population of individuals to ensure heterozygosity. The user can provide a list of csd alleles for each individual or, alternatively, the function samples a heterozygous genotype for each individual from all possible csd alleles. The gv slot is recalculated to reflect the any changes due to editing, but other slots remain the same.

editCsdLocus(pop, alleles = NULL, simParamBee = NULL)





NULL or list; If NULL, then the function samples a heterozygous csd genotype for each virgin queen from all possible csd alleles. If not NULL, the user provides a list of length nInd with each node holding a matrix or a data.frame, each having two rows and n columns. Each row must hold one csd haplotype (allele) that will be assigned to a virgin queen. The n columns span the length of the csd locus as specified in SimParamBee. The two csd alleles must be different to ensure heterozygosity at the csd locus.


global simulation parameters.


Returns an object of Pop-class